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DTD Pu​ppies

​Spec​ializing​ in Miniature Dachshunds 

 Adult/Older Puppy Package

Here at Down Town Dachshunds we want to make sure we find the best homes for our ADULTS we also want to send them home with things that can get them started in there new forever homes. We take what we do really seriously so we want nothing but the best for our Adult Dogs.

We send our ADULTS home with a care package which consists of:

Food Container with Adult Food Sample

Customized DTD Puppies Tote

Food Bowl

Dog Toys


1 Pack of Wee Wee Pads

1Pack of Doggie Wipes

Copy of Our Contract and Receipt

All Shots Records

Bordetella Kennel Cough

Rabies Tag & Certificate

Vet Checked


Unlimited Communication 

Extra Services that we offer

Spay/Neuter - Additional Fee

Door to Door Delivery of your puppy- Additional Fee

Adult Totes are full of things to get your dog transitioned!