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DTD Pu​ppies

​Spec​ializing​ in Miniature Dachshunds 

Puppy Application

Here at DTD Puppies we care where our puppy's go and we ask that you fill out an application so we can get to know you a little bit It's very important that our puppy's go to excellent homes and we want to see to it that they do. We will gladly supply References upon request after Puppy Deposit is made and application is attached via email and received and approved .

Application/Deposit Process:

Please fill it out our application in full and email it back to us once we receive it we will reach back out to you and send you our Venmo or cash app link for you to make your deposit. Our Application is in PDF format so you can fill it out and once we receive both deposit and application we will send you a detail confirmation email going over everything that you can expect when getting a puppy from us (Gessenia & Maria).

DO NOT fill out an application if your not ready to move forward or place a deposit to be guaranteed a puppy. We will automatically deny you! Only Serious inquiries only please! 

Puppy Deposit

 A deposit of $500 is required to be placed on our waiting list. Once we receive your deposit, we will add you to our waiting lists.

Deposit holders choose their puppy (in order of the deposit). We will contact the Deposit holders to schedule the date and time of their pickup. We here at DTD Puppies reserve the right to have first pick of the litter. 

Payments for Deposits Only:

We take the following: 

Venmo (Deposits & Final Payment)

Cash App (Deposits & Final Payment)

Zelle (Deposits & Final Payment)

Cash -ONLY for final payment if there is a balance.

Deposits are non-refundable but do transfer to the next litter only if a puppy of choice is not born from choice litter! We can not predict the Size, Sex, Coat or pattern of the puppies in each litter. We base everything off the previous litters that Mom had or their Pedigrees. So when placing a deposit please keep this in mind.

Mailing Your Application/Deposit Process:

If you plan on mailing in your application to us along with your deposit here is our mailing address below: Also if mailing your deposit in the form of a Money Order please make it out in my name below:

Gessenia Garcia-Lopez

P.O Box 481

North Andover, Ma. 01845

FYI- If you decide to mail your Application and Deposit to me please notify me before mailing it so we can look out for it. We do not go to the P.O. Box on the regular so its in your best interest to tell us so we can get you on my waiting list and visit the P.O Box to retrieve your application and Deposit.

Thank You,

The DTD Family