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DTD Puppies

#1 Breede​​r​ Spec​ializing​ in Miniature Dachshunds in New England

Puppy & Adult Policy Page

Pick Up & Shipping/Delivery Policy-

Our Puppies & Adults are sold as Pet only. Here at DTD Puppies we prefer to meet the families or individuals that want to buy our precious puppies but we are Open to Driving our fur babies within the untied states. So we do offer a service called Traveling Puppy Nanny Services were we personally drive your puppy for an additional fee please inquire for more details. There will be an additional fee for any puppy that stays with us past 8 weeks. We Reserve the right to refuse a sale of a puppy to anyone we think would not be in the puppy's best interest. We just want the best possible homes for our puppies. 


Contact us for Pricing 

Deposit Policy-

A $ 500 Deposit is required to be on my waiting list or to be scheduled to come visit a puppy or adult. I am not a kennel or pet store so I do not have in and out traffic out of my house so if a deposit is not placed then there will not be a visit and I will not move forward with you!

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but do transfer to the next litter only if a puppy of choice is not born from 1st choice litter, If for some reason you do not find your choice puppy by the 3rd litter then we at that time we will discuss what would be the next step. If for some reason we DO decided to refund any deposits DTD Puppies has up to 90 days to return the deposit No Exceptions.

Buying a puppy is a serious decision and we don’t have time for none serious buyers. If at any time or reason you decide to not continue with the puppy process or purchase you will NOT be refunded your deposit there are No Exceptions.

Now if you have already come to see your puppy at the 4-6 week mark and filled out our Puppy or Adult Contract and paper work you will NOT be refunded your deposit No Exceptions. The only thing that will be refunded will be the remainder of the money paid towards the puppy if Any.

Puppy AKC Registration:

Puppies or Adults will NOT come with Limited Registration paper work they are PET ONLY! Unless other wise agreed upon. 

Deposit Holders/Visits-

A deposit holder will be the first ones to choose (in order of the deposit) their puppies before the non-depositors. Puppy Visits are scheduled when the puppies reach 4-6 weeks. Same goes for the Parents visits they are scheduled after puppies are old enough and mom feels ok with being seen and having people around her puppies !!! Adult visits go the same way a deposit is needed to hold an adult.

Communication -

We also ask that during the puppy buying experience that you stay in communication with us. If we see that we are not hearing from you or that its hard to get in contact with you then we have the right to NOT continue with the puppy purchase at any point in time . Communication is very important !!!


This agreement becomes null and void due to any injuries or neglect regardless of whether accidental or intentional. So please be careful and watchful of your new puppy.


Once deposit is received I will schedule a visit or pick up date with in the same week. Unless I am taking care of the Spay then it will be the following week. With our adults we require full payment after you meet them because we are taking care of the spay/Neuter.

When Puppies are born-

When puppies are born I will contact the Deposit holders in the order of when the deposits were received. I take pictures and videos and i will text or email you so that you can see who you have to choose from. Once i contact you to choose your puppy you have no more then 24 hours to pick your puppy of choice. If 24 hours has passed and I have not heard from you regarding your choice/pick of puppy then I have no choice then to move on to the next deposit holder and allow them to make their pick/choice. You will lose your spot and deposit. Just FYI my puppies go fast so I don't see you having to wait long, in a situation where you know you will be out of town please communicate that with us so we can figure out a plan with you.

(Please Review my refund policy above) When puppies are born it can take up to 2 weeks to determine their coats. I prefer deposit holders or anyone looking to purchase a puppy from me to have open minds and open hearts and be looking for a healthy and lovable puppy rather then a certain color or coat or pattern or sex. We can not predict the Size, Sex, Coat or pattern or how many puppies are born or if they survive after birth. We base everything off the previous litters that Mom had or their Pedigrees.

Spay Policy-

We reserve the right to hold all Registration papers until we are shown proof with in the first 6 months that the puppy was Neutered/Spayed. Our Puppy's need to be neutered/spayed by 6 Months of age. If not done with in the time frame given the buyer is to return the puppy and will be subject to losing all the monies paid for the puppy. My puppies are SOLD as pet only with No registration papers unless other wise agreed upon.

Vet Policy-

You must have your new puppy examined by your Vet within 3 business days of purchasing the puppy to validate the health guarantee. Seller is not responsible for any Vet bills after buyer takes possession of the dog. Seller is not responsible for any bacteria, fungus, viruses or protazoa, or parasites, or worms including Giardiasis or Coccidian that are not in the control of either seller or buyer after the puppy leaves our home. Your puppy is being sold for pet quality only. We do not cover Intervertebral disc disorder with myelopathy, lumbar region (IVDD) or any back issues that occur after the puppy leaves us as this can occur at any age. We also do not cover Hernia's or undescended testicles or removal of extra dewy claws of any sort being that they are non life threating and can be fixed at the time of Spay/Neuter.

Vaccinations /Deworming

Our puppies are born and raised indoors, with lots of love and attention.

Puppies will have their 1st puppy shot at 8 Weeks and will be wormed at 2,4,6,7,8 weeks of age. Our puppies will be vet checked and will come with their shot records and Health Certificates. I do not cover for any internal parasites (Coccidia, Giardia, Worms etc.) once the puppy leaves my home. Many are very common puppy illnesses that can occur at any time, usually brought on by stress, and are usually very easily treatable. Buyer agrees to be responsible and continue vaccinations and heart worm preventative. I also do not cover for hernias as they can occur at any time. I do not cover for alopecia (hair loss in dilutes) as this can occur at any time, and is NOT life threatening. If death occurs during the health guarantee period, breeder requires a Necropsy (animal autopsy) for verification of cause of death by a Licensed Veterinarian at Buyer’s expense.

Males vs Females

Males make wonderful pets. If they are fixed before they are 6 months old, they do not raise their legs to urinate or "mark" their territory. Males are calmer than females and are often easier to train and they listen better. Most People often ask for a cute little girls but the males are just as cute and will usually be the most affectionate and cuddly. Females are independent and self sufficient and really sassy but when they love they love hard. 

Bad Mouthing

We take pride in what we do we are not in this for the money we do it because we love the dachshund breed. We also believe in not trashing other breeders and we recommend that you watch out for those types of breeders that do that just to make a sale.